Look Stunning on Your Wedding Day

Look beautiful on your wedding day

An essential part of pre-wedding planning is what you are going to wear


Obviously the dress is the most important thing to buy. There are so many styles of wedding dress available now there really is the perfect dress for everyone.

If you have your eye on a designer gown you can’t afford then why not take a picture to a dressmaker and have one custom made? Get your dream dress without the designer price tag.

For more advice about choosing your wedding dress click here.

Don’t forget to choose an outfit for your hen party!


Hiring a professional wedding make up artist is a popular option.

If you’re planning to do your make up yourself there are hundreds of online tutorials that can instruct you step by step.

Semi-permanent makeup is becoming more and more fashionable with a wide range of treatments available. Choose from lip liner and tint, permanent eyeliner or eyebrow microblading. Click here for more information about treatments available in London.

You could even incorporate make up lessons into your hen do for a fun experience.


Selecting the perfect flowers for your bouquet arrangement can be overwhelming. Visit a specialist florist for expert advice and have a look through sites such as Pinterest for inspiration. For something more unique, why not consider less common flowers such as geraniums or fuchsia.

Wedding Photography

After spending so much time planning your wedding aesthetic it is essential to capture it all on camera to enjoy for years to come. Choose an experienced wedding photographer to make sure you get the best pictures possible. Read more here and here for an idea of the range of wedding services available.

Wedding Videographer

You may find it more practical to have a videographer at your wedding.

Many people have a videographer as it allows families and friends to re-watch this magical day and experience these unique moments over and over again.

NYC Films work with clients to develop a storyline and visual style that suits the theme of the wedding. They use the natural beauty of the wedding venue and surroundings to create lush tapestries that showcase the beautiful couple and keep them as the focus throughout the production. Click here to find out more about wedding videographers and how NYC Films create the best professional wedding videos in Sydney.

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