Mature relationships and parties

To seek a long term and maturing relationship is a basic human instinct – when you succeed on this task, you should always have a hen or stag party. Likewise the ‘Matchmaker’ has been an honoured role in communal societies from the dawn of time. Why should this be? The fact is that people often do not know their own selves well enough to identify a partner who has the potential for the kind of long term and developing union they both deserve.

Our success rate is excellent, we have recorded numerous successful partnerships and even a few babies from our younger members, resulting from partnerships we have brought about. We take a personal interest in all our members, current and past, and our test as to effectiveness leans on the continuance of the unions brought about under our guidance. Confidentiality is central to our services. It is important that we create an open and honest dialogue so that my service can be holistic and in your favour.

Members identities are strongly protected and contact numbers are only exchanged with the members’ permission. Your progress is monitored; advice offered and feed back welcome. Please check: Hen Weekends, Hen Nights and Hen Parties in UK and Europe

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