Ultimate Hen & Stag Parties

Celebrate in Style

The final celebration before married life has to be epic and unlike any other party you’ve experienced. We have the guide to give you your final send off and to celebrate in style.

Our tips help you to organise an unforgettable party for both hens and stags. See: Pre-wedding celebration.

Hold an Exceptional Fireworks Display

Fireworks are the perfect way to end what has been a fantastic and unforgettable night. Finish the night with a send off for the bride or groom and make sure they never forget a party dedicated to them. Click here for stag & hen parties, where to go.

With a selection box from Fireworks Shop you are sure to experience bright, explosive and memorable entertainment, all for a cheap price online. Click here.

These selection boxes include a range of varied displays such as fountains, rockets, Catherine wheels and other popular items. All of these products can be used in gardens and other locations to entertain everyone! Buy the best fireworks today.

An Agenda Full Of Activity

Stag and hen parties don’t have to last one night; let it continue over a few days so you can experience a range of activities and not just the typical night out! Adventure days are fun days out with your closest friends to gain trust, create memories and to have a laugh.

It also helps other friend groups to mix together and get to know each other. The Stag and Hen Experience offers action packed activity days for both parties. Click here.

Unique Venues for Hire

Hiring a venue and having your own party is a great idea. It means there isn’t as much planning involved and you can leave it to the experts at the chosen venue to plan. We suggest using a function room as they are easily to adjust to your chosen theme and can accommodate a large party group. Click here.

Our favourite choice of location is Brighton as you are flooded with fresh air and beautiful views, and what’s better than celebrating your hen party in a place that screams fun.


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